"The Western Family Stringband brought the most memorable night of our whole planting season.  Everyone loved the energetic performance and square dancing.   Just the morale boost we needed to finish the season!" -Johnny Brushett, Camp Supervisor


"Planting Out the Shnarb" recorded live-off-the floor May 2018.  



 The Western Family Stringband are a collective of musicians from the Canadian West coast playing high energy old-time, bluegrass and original folk songs.  We also throw a mean square dance party! 


  The Western Family Stringband is a collective of musicians (Bex Winnick - Fiddle, Dance Caller, Flatfoot Dancing;  Tereza Tomek - Guitar; Craig Marcuk - Mandolin, Dance Caller; Josh Lichti - Banjo) who perform original songwriting and traditional old-time music.  

  The band met through the Vancouver Bluegrass Jam and started playing together in 2014.  They shared a love of the weird and wonderful Old-time community with its fiddles, flat-footing and square dances and wanted to spread this culture further across the communities of Canada.  
They created a road show that was part acoustic concert and part Old-time Dance Party.  They set out the summer of 2017 to bring this event to tree planting camps, festivals, parks and venues from Whitehorse to Edmonton.

  The summer of 2017 saw them performing in backwood camps, bars and festivals across the Yukon, Northern BC and Alberta.  They had an amazing time sharing this music and tradition with new audiences and got many folks kicking up dust on the dance floor.  They even got to present a couple of dances at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival.  In 2018 they released their first live-off-the floor album, "Planting Out the Shnarb" and set out on another tour of camps and festivals.  This included a stop at Artswells Festival of All Things Art where they presented their biggest square dance yet.    They have also organized the annual square dance at the Woodstove Festival in Cumberland, BC since it began in 2016.  

What can the Western Family Stringband offer at your event? 


A performance of original and traditional songs:

    Here is where the band shows off a wealth of old and new tunes from a wide range of genres.  You will hear the traditional styles of bluegrass and old time Appalachia, Canadiana favourites, and excellent original songwriting from all members of the band.  Each of these multi-talented members brings their own special flavour of music and humour to the table.

Old-time Square Dance Party:

    This is our main event and don't worry, experience is not necessary!  The caller takes a few minutes to teach these super simple and fun dances.  When the crowd yells "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" the band kicks off and it's a hoedown.  The moves get called throughout the whole thing so you don't get lost.   Great exercise and wholesome fun for the whole party!

Dance and Music Workshops:

  WFSB is able to present fun and educational workshops for youth and adults on Flatfoot Dance, Beginner Old-time instrumentation (guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass), Dance Calling, Harmony Singing and Songwriting.   These can be offered as group or individual instruction.  


LIVE VIDEOS:  www.westernfamilystringband.com/media


Looking for fun musical times or old timey toe tappers, bluegrass classics and witty originals mixed in with some good old fashioned, off the wall, dad joke stage banter? Oh and did I mention square dancing? Well look no further because the Western Family String Band has exactly those things! The 4 band members are Tereza Tomek (guitar), Bex Winnick (fiddle, dance caller), Josh Lichti (banjo), and Craig Marcuk (mandolin, dance caller). Formed in 2014, these 4 characters came together as a band to play gigs around the west coast of BC. 5 years later they have done two tours of various venues and tree planting camps in Northern BC and Alberta, sharing their love for Canadian and American traditional roots music. This past year in 2018 they brought square dancing to the one of the most talked about folk festivals in the province, Artswells. Each of these talented members brings their own special flavour of traditional tunes, dances, original songs, and humour to the table making them versatile and unpredictable. Come on out, bring your dancing shoes and get ready for a wholesome classic hoedown!  www.westernfamilystringband.com